Farm Chia™ NFT and OG Plots.
Earn FULL reward.

TadCoin is a first PoST cryprocurency compatible with existing Chia plots and pay full 2 TAD coins even while farming portable NFT plots.



Update(20 Se[ 2021): Version 1.0.3 is out!

TadCoin at the glance


Farmers rewarded 2 TAD per block for classic OG and portable NFT plots. Now you can replot your empire.

Chia™ Plots friendly

Use existing Chia plots to earn TAD. Make most of the used resources, reduce e-waste and farm in parallel with Chia

Well tested

We tested TadNetwork thoroughly before launch to ensure the best experience. No blockchain restarts or port conflicts.


We invested into infrastructure to ensure that blockchain has regular timelords and bluebox timeloards working 24/7.


We reward active members of our community with coins for their effort. See our #donations channel on Discord

Auditable fork

We keep Tad Blockchain open source code as close to Chia Blockchain as it possible so you do your own due diligence