There are dozens of Chia Network™ forks that allow farming altcoins(mining) on the existing Chia plots. It does sound like a good deal – both Chia and altcoins can be mined altogether making the whole process, even more, greener and reducing e-waste.

Unfortunately for most forks it’s not that easy

NFT plots won’t work

Well, at least not completely. As a farmer, you’d expect to get a reward, for instance, 2 coins. But because of you’re farming NFT plots you’d get only (7/8)*2.0 = 0.25 of the coin instead of 2.0, or just 12.5% of what you’d get otherwise. The catch is in how forks organize their consensus and reward distribution. If you’ve created an NFT plot using Chia it has contract linked. Once your harvester found a block you’d get (1/8) unconditionally while 7/8 go to the pool operator.

Because operating on another blockchain you can render 87.5% of your earnings to be lost.

TAD to pay full reward

Luckily, tad blockchain pays full 2.0 TAD on the discovered block. Simple as that.

To start earning TadCoin:

  1. Download and install Tad Blockchain for your operating system
  2. Run it. On the first run you’d need to provide the same passphrase as for the Chia Wallet.
  3. Point Tad client to your existing classic OG and portable NFT Chia Blockchain™
  4. Wait to finish sync to blockchain
  5. Enjoy full rewards as your farmer founds blocks!


Can you farm both classic OG and portable NFT plots?

Yes, OG and NFT plots can be used simultaneously and they won’t be int

Does Tad interfere or affect my Chia farming

This is a very good frequently asked question

Tad Blockchain is a live system so it’s constant updates and evolves. Specifically for the pool we have the following vision:

  1. Other forks may provide support pool at some point of time in the future. Tad provides solution right now. Farmers won’t lose coins. Also by all looks they’d require a hard fork. So all clients all network needs to be updated.
  2. At very least we can employ Foxy pool’s OG model(hey Foxy pool let’s have a chat!). If farmer aims to have long term relationship with pool having stake there doesn’t hurt. In practice with Chia pools farmers aren’t jumping between pools so nothing wrong with staying with single pool!
  3. If community wants and votes for this and technically it would be possible to support pools with NFT plots we always can have a hard fork, if needed. This is painful but really it’s up to community. The time will show.

What about pooling? Will Tad support pools?

No, Tad Farming doesn’t affect Chia farming. On rare occasions, it might affect lookup speed in the order of dozens of milliseconds. For example, in our tests, the first filter lookup time has gone from 0.120s to 0.130s which is likely a negligible value. Make sure that your farmers respond within 10 seconds (ideally under 5s)

Does TAD farming on my NFT plots decrease my income from Chia pool?

No, Tad farming won’t affect your chia rewards.

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