Hooray! 🥁 The new version of the eco-friendly crypto altcoin is out!

In this update, we incorporated community Pull Requests. Looking at the TadCoin users feedback these changes really help to save tons of memory especially on the multicore systems. This update especially relevant to the people with limited memory who loves TadCoin and want to keep farming or HODLing it

In essence, two big changes:

1. Reduce memory use on multicore systems

Suggested by @grayfallstown this patch allows to limit the number of workers created. This solution works for all OS – Windows, Linux and MacOS

Quoting the author from their post at github:

How to use this feature?

In your tad config file ~/.tad/mainnet/config/config.yaml add a line at the top level:

multiprocessing_limit: 3

to limit number of workers to 3. That’s simple.

2. Improve output of show -c format

Thanks to @wolfrage76 now output is not that messy as in the original fork. Change has been done in this PR



So much better!

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Please grab the latest release from our github